Cone Snail Venom



Cone Snail Venom

Cone Snail Venom. AN EXPERIMENTAL DRUG made from it’s venom, It has shown early signs of promise in numbing pain, raising hopes.  The hunt for new, non-addictive medications. Said by an Australian researcher. However, the drug which has not been tested yet on humans, is judged to be more potent than morphine. In addition, they are currently considered the gold standard for chronic nerve pain. cone snail Florida. cone snail Hawaii.

Venom use for experimental pain drugs

This tiny protein derived from the snail’s venom. It has formed the basis of five new experimental compounds. Famous lead researcher David Craik of the University of Queensland. Further more, the preliminary study using one of these new compounds on lab rats. “Appeared to significantly reduce pain.” Said a press statement released ahead of David’s presentation at an American chemical society meeting in Dallas, Texas on Sunday. LEARN MORE .


cone snail venom
cone snail venom

 Venom is non-addictive

Animal venom are poisons that can block certain channels in the nervous system.  They act differently to opioid painkillers such as morphine and hydrocodone. Further more, Pharmaceutical companies have begun investigating venom in recent years as potential sources of new drugs. However, it is not available in pill form and must be infused directly into the lower part of the spinal cord. SHOP NOW


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